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DSC_0018„Bike&Boat“ trip to unique island – Kihnu
Our cycling tour will take you to the unique Kihnu Island. There are many islands in Estonia, but Kihnu, for sure, is the most fascinating amongst all of them. And not only Estonians think so as Kihnu is also enlisted into the UNESCO World Heritage list.
Local customs and traditions have been passed down from generation to generation. Isolation from the outside world has left the island with its own dialect and extraordinary culture. The way the islanders dress, the textiles they use to make their clothes, their wedding practices, the songs they sing and their handicrafts are all characteristically different from those of the mainland of Estonia and very highly valued.

Traditional lifestyle, Orthodox Church, Kihnu museum, Kihnu lighthouse, Kihnu cemetery

1 x bicycle with helmet, lock, a reflector vest
1 x maps with description of route
2 x ferry tickets
24 h hotline service

Additional Services:
Travel extension, Accommodation, Lunch, Guide, Bike transport to port 1€

Season: 01 May – 01 September

Booking: at least 17:00, day before

Contacts: phone +372 56 969 760 or